New Discount Code website that searches the most respected voucher code sites

There is a new discount code website on the block, and it’s looking to take things to a new level for people looking for vouchers! The site is called Discount Code Hunter and they do things a little differently than other voucher code sites, they send their visitors to the best codes that the voucher sites have.

UPDATE 07-02-2016: We’ve just been informed of another site doing this now and crawls and finds discount codes in a similar way to the main site in the article. It also show what’s trending for the retailer. Discount Coder is new but shows vouchers in a totally new way and promises to update their discount codes on a per hour basis. It scans for exclusives, checks expiring promo codes and makes voucher code sites a little more interesting.

It’s a bit of a strange business model (well, if they even have one) but it’s probably going to shake up the voucher code industry in a big way. They seem to look like any other discount code site on the market, and it would certainly appear that way until you dig a little deeper, but they have a few very big differences. They daily check all the best and most respectable discount code sites in the UK, put them all into one list, and then tell their visitors where they can find the best codes. They don’t make any money too, which is rather strange, as every other discount code website takes a commission for every deal you visit or every voucher you click.

Here’s how it works. Discount Code Hunter have a list of retailers, much like all the other voucher code sites on the web, but instead of hosting their own codes they keep an eye on the top voucher code sites (,, and and direct their visitors to these sites. So instead of 1 or 2 codes, they list as having 6 to 10+ but link to the voucher code sites instead of the retailer. This also means they are giving up commission and passing it along to the voucher code site that has the code in their system.

It’s a bit of a ingenious yet silly system because they are providing a great resource yet not taking any commission and passing the visitor to the other voucher code sites. It’s kind of like they are feeding their competition. We don’t know how long this website will last, but you must agree it’s a make or break kind of business plan.

Only time will tell!