Advance Auto Parts are not publishing as many coupon codes as normal

If you know Advance Auto Parts then you know they love to publish coupon codes that provide pretty big savings at lower prices at, but something seems to be happening as they are not publishing as many coupons lately, and we noticed their sales are also getting less frequent. This is probably due to the huge amount of discount code and coupon websites springing up lately that are taking advantage of this and getting commission.

We think that Advance Auto have become wise to this sudden influx in coupon codes and are not bring them out constantly any more. You must agree it wasn’t hard to find a lower price on the automobile parts in the USA, but there was some pretty big low prices after the coupon was applied.

If Advance Auto Parts are doing this, and lowering the amount of car part discount codes and vouchers they publish, you’ve got to admit that this is a good move and they are heading in the right direction to growing their company. Sadly they have fallen into the trap of always having discounts and coupons available, which could mean that stopping these all of a sudden could really harm their sales and take a long time to recover. Time will tell on this one.