How students save money at Currys with deals, cashback and voucher codes

Currys always have deals on, I think they are a little obsessed to be honest with pushing voucher codes and sales to their customers, they do it every week! So why do some people not use these deals to save money on their shopping? Let’s cover the types of deals and codes that Currys publish each week and when is the best time to shop and save money at

Most common discount codes you’ll find and when to find them

Currys always have a nice selection of discount codes on offer to save you money, sadly these aren’t always desirable for students. The most useful student offers are the ones that come in the forms of cashback or savings on Apple and PCs, and the software ones save you a little extra. With Currys you can often find good student deals of Macbooks, iPads etc and also the Office for Mac software that you’ll probably need. As for desktop PCs you will also get great deals on laptops that have Microsoft Office installed at a special student discount rate.

If you do shop in the store then be sure to visit the counter or information desk at Currys and ask about the student discounts they provide on tablets, computers and software. They also do a few deals on books and backup devices to keep your work safe.

Deals on Televisions, Fridges etc

Currys are a good place to pickup small fridges for your dorm room, kitchen that are cheap to run and have good energy ratings. They look like mini drink fridges but are perfect for keeping small amounts of food and the milk for your morning brew. You can easily pick these up (or ask your loving parents) for less than £100 so it’s pretty cheap as they’ll last you many years.

As for televisions then they have some really cheap 24+ inch TVs that are a good size for a small dorm room and you can also plug your laptop into them if you need to use them as a computer monitor. Really makes it easier on the eyes when you’re writing a huge essay that needs to be finished before tomorrow.

Cheap microwave for dorm room cooking

If you fancy doing a bit of student dorm room cooking then we recommend picking up a cheap microwave from Argos, Currys or some place where you get electrical goods quite cheap. You can get some bargains if you shop around, and the cheapest microwaves we seen start at around £35 and do the job just fine. Expect a low watt and small litre capacity but it’s perfect for the pot-noodle! There are a few places to get a low cost microwaves but we’ve found a cheapest microwave list to save you time and money. Here they list the microwaves by price and update the prices every day. Handy if you just want something that’s a bargain and works.

Thanks for this quick guide to saving money with Currys, you can also visit this Currys discount code site for the latest deals that are updated daily.

Making huge savings in the run up to Christmas

Everyone wants to make big savings in the run up to Christmas, what with all the presents to buy and party’s to attend, it can be an expensive time of year. So when it comes to deciding on a new dress or shoes or present for your uncle that you’ve not seen since last Christmas, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. If you shop wisely you can get both. Online shopping is now so popular that the best deals for Christmas can be found from the comfort of your own home. So no need to fight the crowds on the high street any more. But you have to know where to get these deals.

First off, you need to decided which store you’re going to get the gifts or gift from and look at delivery costs and any multi buy deals that they are running. Boots do some great deals and multi buy offers. You can take a look at a site called Voucher Share. They so all the latest Boots discount codes clearly and it’s so simple to use.

Shopping for shoes online is very tricky We all like to try on shoes, so the 1st thing I’d look for are Free Returns offers and deals. Clarks are a massive shoe retailer and you can order online, but exchange or even get a full refund in the store. Considering they have stores across the UK this is a good deal to look out for. Some a look at some great offers from Clarks, this Clarks Christmas voucher code site has some really good ones.

So if you’ve got the cosmetics covered and the new shoes are a perfect fit, then it’s just the big presents left to buy. One of the most popular Christmas gifts, and has been this way for some time, is a bike. Now this really does take some shopping around. The price of these items can vary massively from store to store. I find that the best savings and multi buy deals can come from this Evans Cycles Voucher site. A lot of extras can be thrown in when getting a bike from these guys. Best Cycle Discount Codes have all the top cycle retailers on this really simple and easy to use website. There page on Evans Cycles will show you all the current running offers and is very easy to navigate.

So, don’t get all worked up about the cost of Christmas, and just remember to shop wisely and your money should go a lot further. So just enjoy the party.