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16th April
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Blackpool tower
NUS Conference: Going through the motions
Student Politics   30 Apr 2006 16:09
University of Bristol delegate Etan Smallman entered a strange world of student politics full of factions, impassioned students and heated political debate, but where crucial decisions had to be made.
MarkingProof reading: Is it cheating?
Bradford University has published a list of approved proofreaders, but some academics say that it's encouraging students to cheat.
Empty lecture theatreThousands of lecturers set to strike
Academics from two unions have voted to strike unless their pay is increased. Other action could also affect exams and assessment.
Evangelicals remain outlawed
28 Jan 2006
The Evangelical Society of the University of Birmingham is to remain outlawed. Evangelicals remain outlawedAnti-war students expelledMore news in brief...
In denial on the internet
26 Jan 2006
Sue Blackwell, a lecturer at the University of Birmingham is a leading campaigner for an academic boycott of Israel. In this article she examines some of the more distasteful e-mails she receives. Online degrees - what are they really worth?These United Nations...More features...
Review: James Blunt at the Manchester Apollo
29 Feb 2006
A review of the first of three James Blunt concerts at the Apollo in Manchester. Out of Africa: The Constant GardenerRomeo and JulietMore ents...

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Museum of communismCzech government bans communists
The Czech Republic is set to ban a communist youth organisation. The group, a youth wing of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia has been asked to abandon its ideology of revolutionary Marxism.
UK PoliticsCripes! Boris is new universities spokesman
Boris Johnson has been made the Shadow Higher Education Minister in David Cameron's new team.
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Drunken conga leads to trashing of campus University staff told to attend degree ceremonies Students put degrees at risk by working Beer goggles explained at last Lincoln University marking scam claims Is France burning? Absolument Southampton lab destroyed by fire Lecturers lobby against Terrorism Bill Million students have mental health problems Stirling students vote to back Palestinians NUS media awards shortlist announced George Fox six found guilty
On (not) being Jewish
Jo Salmon   19 Feb 2006 13:02
The Mercedes MysteryOne True Real Love Affair To Remember In Desperate Lands From Afar etc.Fencing (the kind with swords, not posts) with JillFull smoking banSt Valentine's dayImportant Facts about Valentine's DayThings That Get My Goat: Fitt the ThirdA Most Remarkable DayDressing dangerouslyMore posts...
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